Shopping center "OldCity" - one of the largest shopping centers in the country. It is located in one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Belarus - Grodno. In the immediate vicinity are international checkpoints on the border with Poland and Lithuania. In the direction of Grodno, hundreds of international bus and rail flights from the countries of the European Union, the EAEU and the CIS are operated daily. This fact is especially relevant after the entry into force of a visa-free regime throughout the territory of the Grodno region and Grodno itself, as well as visa-free entry for citizens of more than 70 countries through the Minsk National Airport.

The location of the shopping center “OldCity” is a zone with a developed trade, utilities and logistics infrastructure.

Having combined the comfortable conditions of shopping and entertainment, the OldCity shopping center has become a center of attraction for city residents and foreign tourists. The two-story layout, which combines wide galleries with a spacious atrium, creates the most convenient conditions for pleasant shopping and relaxing with family or meeting with friends.

Values ​​OldCity

MODERNITY AND CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT — every day we are looking for the incredible and exclusive to our visitors. We are open to new ideas and strive to conform to the spirit of the times, inspiring our guests.

COMFORT AND SATISFACTION OF VISITORS — it is important for us that visitors come to our shopping center with pleasure and everyone can find here exactly what they were looking for.

RESPECT AND CARE ABOUT TENDERS INTERESTS — we create comfortable conditions for work, we try to hear and support the initiative of each tenant, offering individual marketing solutions for each.

The shopping center is permeated with an atmosphere of history and creativity - this is its spirit of uniqueness and magic. This is confirmed by positive and organic reviews in social networks and google-account.

We managed to change the attitude to the principles of shopping in Belarus, opening up to visitors not only a wide and accessible shopping area, but also a creative art space. This became possible thanks to regional, republican and international projects for which OldCity has become a desirable platform.


Since its opening in the shopping center, a series of entertainment events have already been implemented. Festive, stylish and exclusive event-projects are designed for a wide audience - for the whole family, for teenagers, youth, students, residents of Grodno and tourist groups. The most large-scale events are focused on weekends, but on weekdays in the shopping center there are constantly held master classes and other interactive events. What is characteristic - always causing great interest from visitors.
The shopping center “OldCity” is a modern and spectacular space that creates a comfortable shopping and pleasure atmosphere without any fuss. A breath of fresh air in the historic heart of Europe. We are sure that in our shopping center you will definitely get a charge of positive emotions, because in OldCity you want to love, create, travel and change your style!

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