BPS-Sberbank issued a bonus card with up to 12% money back for profitable shopping in the OldCity shopping center

"Card with big bonuses" allows you to independently expand your moneyback by adding the necessary categories. By default, "plastic" returns 1% of all purchases within the country and abroad (with the exception of supermarkets, where the connection of this option is available for 2 rubles per month). For purchases in supermarkets, the Bank provides a "welcome" two-month money back for free.
The basic moneyback can be doubled on your own. The upgrade is available in 9 common categories: clothing, fuel, repairs, entertainment, cars and others. They can be connected for a ruble per month each and put together at least all at once. So education, travel and repairs will be cheaper. High cashback is also valid in pharmacies, cafes and restaurants.

The size of the moneyback can also be influenced by purchases in partner stores. In this case, the summed up moneyback can be up to 12% of the amount of the non-cash transaction.
The money is returned to the account no later than 5 days after the end of the month.

An increase in the size of the moneyback from the Bank is expected for purchases in the stores of the OldCity shopping center!


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