Rebellious spirit - in paired looks READY! STEADY! GO!

Ready! Steady! Go! - a new brand of ultra-fashionable clothing is already on sale in the Gloria Jeans store!

Ready! Steady! Go! - This:

- a rebellious mix of different styles for those who are ready to experiment and break any patterns;

- three-dimensional hypertrophied silhouettes, layering and non-standard combinations of textures.

In the new drop Ready! Steady! Go! a rebellious mix of gothic, neo-futurism, grunge and Japanese style merged.

For her - dresses with accent collars in the dark academia style, trousers with stripes, crop shirts and T-shirts with prints in rock aesthetics, wide jeans with cargo pockets.

For him - voluminous hoodies and sweatshirts, shorts with raw edges, T-shirts with a vintage effect, bomber jackets with three-dimensional silhouettes.

Ready! Steady! Go! For those who are charged with the drive of youth and are not afraid to express themselves.

Period: 10.02.-29.02.2024

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