We are on the honor board!

The OldCity shopping center from Grodno was recognized as the best of the city and regional shopping centers, and, as the wording in official documents says, “is listed on the Board of Honor of the Grodno region at the end of 2019 for achieving high rates in economic and socio-cultural development”.

In fact, all this is a lot of work, painstaking planning, an incredible amount of organizational and managerial projects, 90 percent of which are usually not visible to visitors. You must admit that we hardly notice how they bring fresh food, arrange new collections in the evenings, pick up decorations and decorations for photo zones, prepare concerts and photo exhibitions at a shopping center, or decorate a Christmas tree and record video of famous citizens reading fairy tales for the little ones . The words that OldCity has been associated with for the last 5 years are assembled from these bricks: comfort, joy, safety, atmosphere and style.

- First of all, it is honorable and joyful for our entire team. Being awarded such a high mark is very important to us. After all, we know that all of this is the merit of a large team, each link and each event held. Exceptional professionals work for us: from management, managers and administrators to tenants. Naturally, this would not have been possible without our visitors - it is always important to receive feedback in order to grow and develop. Every year we promise our visitors that we will invent and create for them even more reasons for joy, smiles and pleasant shopping, and every year we keep our promises. Now we must already surpass even ourselves, and not just competitors. It is a great responsibility to be the best! - shared the marketer of the shopping center "OldCity" Sergey Ivanov.

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