Day of Kindness - Promotion in support of Daria Shepetovskaya

The big trouble of one family united the entire sports community of the country. Champions from all over Belarus will perform at OldCity to help the 6-month-old Dasha.

Such stories happen not only on the TV screen. There are many of them, they are different, each of them has its own emotions, sleepless nights, tears, prayers and expectations of a miracle. But, reading another request for help, it happens, we just glance over. Do not do so. Moreover, it is in our power to help once again ignite another life, to save and not to let go out. It is important. More important than news feeds with coronavirus, boiling around oil and a soaring dollar.

Want proof? Dozens of people from all over Belarus united in the action, which will be held in the OldCity Grodno shopping center for the sole purpose of helping the six-month-old Dasha Shepetovskaya recover through her talent, her strengths, imagination and creativity.

Dasha was born on August 15, 2019 at 31 weeks. Her weight was only 1,440 grams.

In December 2019, after 4.5 months of life, the baby was given a terrible diagnosis of Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This is a rare genetic and fatal disease, as a result of which motor neurons of the spinal cord die and muscle atrophy develops, the supply of a sufficient amount of protein for normal muscle development is blocked.

The disease affects the ability to crawl and walk, move hands, head and neck, as well as breathe and swallow. Doctors do not give any hope to children with this diagnosis, the majority (80%) do not live up to two years. And yet this is not a hopeless case. There is no treatment in Belarus, but there is the possibility of treatment abroad.

At the moment, there are two drugs Spinraza and Zolgensma. The differences are that Spinraza needs to be injected for life, and Zolgensma is a single vaccine. The cost of one injection of Spinraza is 96, 035 euros. The cost of the drug for the first course is 384.140 euros (4 ampoules). The cost of a single vaccine Zolgensma 2,125,000 dollars, plus additional costs in the clinic. With the specifics of the course of the disease and the huge cost of vaccines, parents are hoping for treatment with any of the proposed drugs.

It is clear that such amounts are unbearable for ordinary citizens in any country. But this also means something else, that where one person fails, thousands can help. Help with indifference, support, whatever. That is why in Grodno they decided to arrange not just a fundraising campaign for Dasha. Her story brought together champions, prize-winners, the best and most responsive athletes from all over Belarus. Here is a list of those who will be in Grodno on March 15 to speak in support of Dasha.

  • Irina Iodkovskaya, master of sports in judo and sambo, World Belt Wrestling Champion, participant in the World Universiade, repeated winner of world judo tournaments, winner of the World Belt Wrestling Cup.
  • Julia Eismont, master of sports in judo and sambo, multiple medalist of the European Championships in sambo, World Champion in sambo, multiple medalist in tournaments in judo.
  • Leyla Abbasova, MSMK in Sambo, master of sports in judo, multiple winner of the European and World Sambo Championships.
  • Marina Khmelnitskaya, master of sports in freestyle wrestling, winner of the Championship of Belarus, MT medalist for prizes of Alexander Medved, medalist of the Russian Cup, silver medalist of the European Championship.
  • Oksana Zhukovskaya, master of sports in sambo and judo, winner of the European Championship in Sambo, winner of the Championship of Belarus.
  • Yana Lyakhovia, candidate for master of sports in sambo, master of sports in judo and freestyle wrestling, multiple winner of the European and World Sambo Championships.
  • Liliya Smuraga, candidate for master of sports in judo, master of sports in sambo, champion and prize winner of the CRB in sambo and judo.
  • Julia Gerasimova, master of sports in judo, winner of the Belarusian Judo and Sambo Championships.
  • Liliya Smuraga, candidate for master of sports in judo, master of sports in sambo, champion and prize winner of the CRB in sambo and judo.
  • Julia Gerasimova, master of sports in judo, prize winner of the Belarusian Judo and Sambo Championships.

    All these titled athletes will postpone all important tasks and trainings on March 15 and will perform for the audience of a large project at OldCity to help raise funds for Dasha’s treatment.

In addition, on Sunday, the famous dance groups of Grodno, gymnasts, sports clubs, cheerleaders, animators and musicians will join this charity project.
There has never been anything like it in Belarus. Athletes and dancers, singers and hypocrites in such a composition have never gathered to help one child!
• School of Modern Dance "Adept"
• Cheerleading school "Dartley"
• Club of aesthetic gymnastics "Venus"
• Alexander Voronishche
• Demonstration performances of wrestlers of sports clubs and schools of the city of Grodno
• Flash mob from judokas and sambo wrestlers of Grodno
• Superhero Animators, Volunteers

And there will also be a big fair where they will play among the participants 3 subscriptions to the Vostok fitness club, gifts and souvenirs from the Grodno football club Neman. Enormous assistance is provided by the regional branch of the Belarusian Children's Fund.
All efforts, all talents and means - all this March 15th will be solely for one purpose - to help Dasha raise money in order to become healthy again and to please her parents. Everyone can become a part of this important event. Doing good deeds and helping is easy. And it’s important. Around and so enough dark news, you should try to create a little light and magic. We are waiting for everyone on March 15, 2020 at OldCity from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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