Grodno, meet the restaurant of folk cuisine "Vasilki"

          The 17th restaurant of the well-known network under the Vasilki brand will appear in the Old City shopping center at 17 Dubko Street. The opening is scheduled for the end of 2022.
          The restaurant will be located on the same squares as the Pizza Tempo pizzeria. It is about 370 sq.m. The total number of seats for both establishments is more than 200.
          Folk cuisine restaurants "Vasilki" are restaurants with a special atmosphere of Belarusian cordiality and hospitality. This is a place where you can have a delicious meal, relax your soul and have a great time in the company of friends and family!
          Cozy interior, soulful atmosphere, soft light, paintings on dishes and tables... And most importantly - homemade and varied cuisine: just like mom and grandmother!
          Here you can have a light scrambled breakfast, have a hearty lunch with rich borscht and have a hearty dinner with frying pans with home-made sausages, hand-made dumplings and dumplings and, of course, potato pancakes - real, with sour cream - right from the heat!
          An excellent addition to the dishes will be homemade fruit drinks, kvass and tinctures of our own production.

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