First Festival of Confectioners at OldCity

OldCity hosts the First Pastry Chef Festival. Show of cakes, professionals with a whisk, valuable prizes and gifts for more than 15,000 rubles

Without long introductions right away about the main thing - in Belarus, competitions at a similar professional level and on such a scale have not yet been held. "FEST Tortonutyh" enters the big arena in Grodno in OldCity: the organizers plan to gather all talented craftsmen from Grodno, as well as from other cities and regions of the country. And the most important and spectacular part is many sweet and incredible pastry miracles. And not somewhere far behind the counter or on the screen, as is the case in TV shows or restaurants: everything can be seen with the naked eye.

But let's get even closer to the point. For two days - June 5-6 - forget about calories and diets for a sweet celebration, culinary masterpieces, incredible designs and unbridled fun. No, we are not whipping up excessive pathos, the organizers promise that.

Why is it big? More than 50 confectionery masters have already taken part in the "FEST Tortonuty". The task at the first stages, among other things, is to prepare a dessert, which the participants will recognize directly on the day of the event, and to pass a thematic quiz.

In the experts of "Festa Tortonutyh in OldCity" Irene Svirina - Brand chef Kenwood, Moscow, Elena Govsha - Personal Brand chef, technologist of Aman Trading company and representative of Pavoni Italia and Chocolate World in the Republic of Belarus, head of the Sweet Story academy and project, St. Minsk, Natalya Denisova - pastry chef, teacher, Minsk Victoria Dedova - head of the confectionery department Veles Food, Minsk, Andrey Timoshishin - Grand Café chef, Minsk, Vasily Ryanov - pastry chef Kronon Park Hotel, Grodno ...

What's at stake? The winners of the festival will be awarded royally. In addition to diplomas from the organizers and prizes from partners of the festival, the best of the best will receive in each nominations: 1st place - Kenwood kitchen machine, 2nd place - DeLonghi electric grill, 3rd place - Braun blender, 4th place place - a special pastry box, 5th place - a pastry box. Hundreds of prizes and pleasant surprises for all visitors from the partners of the competition, the best manufacturers of directions, including Conte, Turov Dairy Plant, Molochny Mir, ABC Company, Kenwood DeLonghi, Evdokia Atelier Shop Confectioner Grodno Shop Olga Vilchevskaya and Julia Chichikova.

OZ also provides a special edition "Cheesecake inside" by the author, instagram blogger, pastry chef and food photographer Victoria Melnik from the KhlebSol publishing house.

By the way, since we're talking about prizes and all kinds of nice gifts. Just so you know, surprises await not only confectioners, but also spectators. And very, frankly, cool. Come in and see for yourself and you can even win. They promise gifts for the smallest and for adult chefs and, of course, mountains of recipes and tips from chefs. Master classes and a bright gender party, where all visitors of the OldCity shopping center, together with a young married couple, will find out the sex of the unborn child. A detailed program will appear on social networks and the organizers' website. Competitive tests will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 13 hours. Program for all visitors to OldCity from 12:00 to 17:00.

- We are not exaggerating when we say that events in the national guild of confectioners, let's say, similar to the current one, have never happened in Belarus. This is a professional competition and it is an honor to win it. For OldCity, this is also a significant weekend, because we are not just a venue for the event, but a full-fledged organizer. I am sure that the event will be as bright and lively as possible, full of an active atmosphere and always delicious. - told in the shopping center "OldCity".

But the final will be especially sweet - the participants will have to create a masterpiece that is bright in color, design and taste.

At the stage of the competition, viewers will get to an exclusive presentation of show cakes on the theme of fairy tales. So far only the authors know what will be there, in what form and style. You can vote for your favorite cake on the second floor of the shopping center in the Castle area. Also, the cakes will be photographed and the photos will be used for online voting on the site That is to say, the people's jury.

And already after stages, selections, nerves in the kitchen, hundreds of broken eggs and foamed liters of creams, we are in anticipation of the main intrigue - who will get the main prizes? All the authoritative jury will decide here.

Come, there is enough sweet for everyone.

June 5-6, 2021. Shopping center OldCity, Grodno, Dubko, 17

Telephone for communication 8029 7896945 Marketer of the OldCIty shopping center Sergey Ivanov



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