How much does it cost to bring a child to school: price review at the school fair in OldCity

On July 23, a school fair began to operate in the parking lot of the OldCity shopping center. The correspondent of "Grodnenskaya Pravda" walked along the shopping arcade and found out how much it would cost to collect a child by September 1.

         A wide range of stationery and clothing is offered this year by the school fair at OldCity, which takes place in Grodno not for the first time and has become traditional for our city.

         This year, the shelves are literally bursting with an abundance of goods. Here you can find everything that a modern student needs: fashionable blouses and trousers, multi-colored pencil cases and backpacks with trendy prints, notebooks, watercolors and even ballpoint pens in the form of robots and transformers.

         Stationery prices vary. Green checkered notebooks and a 12-sheet ruler cost 20 kopecks at the fair. There are options for 60–65 kopecks with a denser multi-colored cover. The cost of a semi-common notebook for 48 sheets with an interesting pattern varies from 1.20 to 2.80 rubles. As the sellers say, the prices for such goods depend on the manufacturer.

         In a wide range and ballpoint pens. Here you can find them for every taste and color. An ordinary pen with blue or purple ink - from 90 kopecks to 2.50 rubles. There are options and more interesting, but they are more expensive. For example, on one of the counters we managed to find gel pens with a shiny finish and unusual caps. For one such pen you will have to pay 4 rubles. There are other original products that boys will like more: green, blue, light blue, yellow, black pens in the form of rifles for 5 rubles and in the form of transformers for 10 rubles.

         It is difficult to calculate the average cost of a watercolor. The minimum standard set of 6 colors costs 2.70 rubles. A package of watercolors of 12 colors can be bought from 4.20 to 9.40 rubles, larger sets - about 11 rubles. The most expensive watercolor at the fair costs 18.60 rubles. This is a set of paints for creativity in 32 colors from the company Gamma. By the way, as sellers say, both parents and children prefer this company more often.

         - Prices for paints are really different. It all depends on the quality of the product and the manufacturer. I have been trading at the fair for several years now and I know which brands parents buy most often. It’s better to buy a time-tested product at a higher price than to buy a cheap watercolor, which is impossible to paint with, says Nadezhda, a saleswoman in one of the pavilions.

Prices for gouache here are about the same as for watercolors. A set of 10 flowers can be found for 9.50 rubles, and for 16 - for 16.50 rubles.

         Pencil cases are especially popular at the school fair. Their prices also vary, depending on the quality and manufacturer. The cheapest pencil case with a laconic design costs here from 2.50 to 5 rubles. But options with bright colors and patterns are much more expensive. For example, a silicone pencil case with a purple clasp will cost 7.50 rubles. By the way, at first glance it seems that little will fit in it, but the seller assures the opposite:

         - You can see for yourself: the child will be able to put everything they need here: pens, pencils and a ruler with an eraser.

         Pencil cases made of denser material are even more expensive. Prices for them range from 11 to 29 rubles. A pencil case with a rainbow color and a turquoise pom-pom for girls costs 22.50 rubles, a black version with a red sports car for boys costs 25 rubles. The most expensive pencil case we could find at the fair is sold for 32 rubles. It's all about quality...

         In addition to stationery, a wide selection of backpacks is presented at the fair.

         Grodno resident Svetlana trades at the school fair for the first time. The woman's assortment includes both stationery and briefcases for boys and girls. The seller admits that compared to last year, the prices of goods increased by about 20%. However, buyers continue to delight with pleasant discounts and bonuses.

         - The assortment list for backpacks is quoted from 25 to 150 rubles. The most expensive backpack that we can offer to order costs 320 rubles. Of course, first of all, parents look at cheaper products, but in the end they still buy those models that are more expensive. Because everyone understands that a backpack is the thing that is purchased for more than one year, - says Svetlana. We strive to please our customers. When buying a backpack, we give pencil cases, pencils, pens. It seems like a trifle, but people are pleased. In addition, for families with many children, upon presentation of a certificate, we make a 3% discount.

         In addition to backpacks, school uniforms are also sold at the fair. Stylish blouses, trousers, sundresses and jackets can be bought here even with a 50% discount. Pants for boys are sold for 15 rubles, but the assortment for girls is more expensive. Prices for women's trousers are from 48 to 65 rubles, fashionable black sundresses cost from 45 to 75 rubles. Blouses from last year's collection with a 50% discount will cost 22 rubles, but from the current one - 45 - 65 rubles. Black, gray, blue skirts will cost about 25-65 rubles. The sellers also offer cotton shirts for girls, the cost of which is 70–75 rubles.

         The minimum check for a complete set of clothes for a boy will be 75 rubles. The price includes: trousers - 15 rubles, jacket - 20 rubles, suit - 40 rubles. But for girls it is much more expensive: prices will vary from 200 rubles to 450 rubles.

At the fair you can really find everything you need for the school. Grodno residents themselves talk about this, but they focus on the cost of some goods. Grodno resident Lyudmila came here with her grandson Maxim, who came from Moscow to visit his grandmother for the summer.

         – We came here to ask the price and compare prices for school goods in Belarus and Russia. There is a difference, but not significant, - Lyudmila shares. - In general, getting a child to school has never been a cheap pleasure.

         The school fair will run in the OldCity parking lot until September 4th. Opening hours: daily from 11:00 to 19:00.

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