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In 2003, the DeFacto Company started, the idea was to become a brand of the Mediterranean. Collections created in a fashionable clothing design studio in Barcelona won the love of our customers, and allowed DeFacto to become one of Turkey's leading brands. Currently DeFacto has 266 stores across the country, and 21 stores abroad. Since its inception and up to today DeFacto has managed to become the first recognized brand that comes to mind when customers hear the phrase "Mediterranean fashion." All collections are presented in an accessible price-range especially for those who want to look stylish and fashionable, but without sacrificing comfort.

Women’s and men’s collections come in a large assortment and a variety of colors and patterns. There are clothes for the office and also for active sport, and clothes for home-wear and underwear.

The first store outside of Turkey was opened in 2012 in Kazakhstan.Today there are 16 stores in Kazakhstan, 5 stores in Iraq, 2 stores in Egypt, 1 store in both Morocco and Kosovo, and 4 stores in Belarus. In 2015, the company planned to open 6 DeFacto stores in Belarus and 29 stores in 10 countries, including Russia and Saudi Arabia.

UNP: 192294467

De Facto De Facto
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