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The "Euroopt" retail chain hypermarket has opened in OldCity shopping centre in Grodno. The new hypermarket is unusual in many regards. This is a landmark facility for the retail chain because its logo on the building face is written in the Latin-script.

"The innovations that are applied here will be the starting point of significant improvements in the format of hypermarkets, which our network has begun to carry out. The hypermarket has a number of new solutions in the color scheme, navigation, and in the assortment of goods. The range of goods offered in the new hypermarket will satisfy the needs of a wide circle of customers including those with special requirements", said the director general of retail chain" Euroopt", Philip Artemenko.

Thus, the new hypermarket maintains the main advantage of the other "Euroopts" which is reasonable prices of a broad range of products for customers of any income.

"It is important that every customer will be able to purchase the necessary goods at a reasonable price, because of the economy in its current situation. It is not just a necessity but a new and fashionable trend", the director general said.

The new hypermarket with an area of 3882 square meters has 18 cash desks for quick customer service; and a car park that can accommodate 1300 vehicles.

The business hours of the retail facility: Mon-Thu, Sun: 09:00 to 23:00; Fri-Sat: 09:00 to 01:00. As well as in the other trade facilities of the company, the "E-Plus" loyalty program is valid here from the first day, the popular event "Red price" is held and, of course, the opportunity to participate in the promotional game "Try your Luck!" is available.

The opening ceremony of the hypermarket assembled hundreds of Grodno’s citizens and became a real holiday in the city. There was a concert with the participation of "Leprikonsy" Alexander Solodukha, Anna Shalyutina and a "Yo-gurt" cover band. "Euroopt" retail chain organized contests with prize distribution and held a tasting of the products of its own production and other Belarusian manufacturers.

The new hypermarket has become the 441st trade facility of "Euroopt" chain in the country, the 23rd in Grodno and the 55th in the Grodno region.

UNP: 101168731

1st floor
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