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Gloria Jeans is a dynamically developing fashion brand of clothing and accessories. This is “Brand No. 1” in Russia in 2022 in the “clothing store chain” category. Gloria Jeans stores operate in more than 300 cities, and the network is growing every day.

The history of the brand began about 40 years ago with a small enterprise and making the dreams of millions of people come true. Jeans as a symbol of freedom have become available to everyone.
Today, Gloria Jeans has its own factories in Russia and development and production centers in the Asia-Pacific region, and the range includes everything you need for everyday and festive looks.

The brand focuses on a high level of quality, while remaining affordable for the maximum number of customers. At Gloria Jeans you will always find real denim, high-quality T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, knitwear, technical outerwear, casual and evening dresses, loungewear, lingerie and accessories. Gloria Jeans regularly updates its collections in accordance with the latest trends and customer desires.

Gloria Jeans supports initiatives on the path to sustainable development. Natural materials are used in the production of clothing, half the amount of water and electricity is used, the emission of harmful substances is controlled, and customers are provided with electronic receipts.

Shopping at Gloria Jeans gives inspiration, great mood and comfort, leaving pleasant memories and the desire to return again and again.

Find out about new products and special offers from Gloria Jeans on the company’s website and on social networks:

UNP: 100219673

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