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Gloria Jeans specializes in the design, production and sale of fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories, both for adults and for children under the brands Gloria Jeans and Gee Jay.

Brand Gloria Jeans has earned the trust and love of buyers. “The best fashion, the best quality, the best price” is the perfect slogan for the fast-fashion concept.

Millions of happy customers know that Gloria Jeans means innovations and traditions, bright colors and restrained classics, interesting designer finds and natural materials for your wardrobe every day at the most attractive prices. 

In addition, various promotions are held at Gloria Jeans stores and there are discounts and hot deals. For your favorite customers there is a unique loyalty program: discount cards with a constant discount of 10% and increased discounts of 25% per week of the Birthday. Gloria Jeans gift cards are always a relevant and pleasant gift for people who appreciate fashion and style. We are pleased to offer you to collect a delightful fashion-look at the best price, whether it be capsular and exclusive collections or a trend seasonal product.

Gloria Jeans is a store that inspires you to buy first-class and affordable products at unbelievably low prices and regularly offers attractive discounts. Here you can find everything: from casual jeans to trendy looks for special occasions. This is a place where your imagination has no limits, and shopping for each family member will be truly exciting.

Find out about Gloria Jeans news and special offers on the company's website and in social networks:


UNP: 100219673

1st floor
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