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“Minimax” - products for the whole family: high-quality casual clothing for children and adults, stylish products and home accessories at an affordable price for everyone. In one place you will be able to dress adults, kids and teenagers in a fashionable and inexpensive way, to bring a child to school, to purchase modern household items and interiors.

In cozy shops throughout Belarus, customers are waiting for a collection of 100% cotton clothes with creative prints, trendy decorative elements that diversify your wardrobe and will be comfortable to wear. You will find both practical casual clothes and elegant models - sweaters, skirts, blouses, T-shirts, shorts, dresses, jeans, etc.

  • Clothing for men and women of fashionable styles
  • Teenage and baby clothes in original color
  • Clothes for schoolchildren
  • Clothes for the little ones
  • Beach items - shoes, clothes and bags
  • Underwear - women's, men's and children's
  • Tights, stockings, socks
  • Accessories - bags, backpacks, wallets, etc.
  • Toys for children of different ages • School supplies and stationery
  • Decor elements - vases, jars, pots, artificial ornamental plants, etc.
  • Home textiles - pillows, bedspreads, blankets, bed linen, etc.
  • Utensils, kitchen equipment
  • Towels, dispensers of liquid soap, soap dish, laundry baskets, etc.
  • Different trifles: covers for smartphones, batteries, light bulbs, cosmetics, etc.

Shops «Minimax» are waiting for you in Minsk and all regional centers, as well as in Mazyr, Kletsk, Beloozersk, Novogrudok, Orsha, Pinsk, Rechitsa, Novopolotsk, Smorgoni, Schuchin, October. LLC "Promtrust & Co."

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