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O’STIN is an international clothing brand that is a leader in fashion retail. The brand offers customers high-quality casual clothing and accessories, including women's, men's and children's assortment. O’STIN looks are always up-to-date, modern and practical. Each collection features several clothing lines:

O’STIN Casual - the basic assortment for every day: stylish, comfortable and practical clothes. Composes a key part of the collection.

O’STIN Denim is a denim clothing line. Represents a wide selection of female and male denim models. From classic to trendy models: jeans, shorts, jackets and overalls.

O’STIN Studio is a youth line. The most fashionable and daring part of the collection, reflecting current trends in fabrics, prints, and silhouettes.

O’STIN Kids is a children's collection for children from 0 to 14 years old. It includes bright, functional, easy-to-care clothing mainly made from natural fabrics.

Today O’STIN is the largest network. It includes more than 700 retail stores in Russia and the CIS countries. At O’STIN, every customer can find an interesting offer.

Shopping at O’STIN is always bright and profitable - we are waiting for you!


UNP: 190583167

1st floor
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