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VINO & VINO is a chain of stores that combines a special atmosphere. Each store offers its customers interesting and unusual features: wine bar, wine cellar, gift certificates, consultation of the cavist. Every place employs qualified consultants who know which wine to advise, based on your taste preferences, based on a specific event.


Full pleasure can be obtained when you see the whole picture of perfectly matched and harmonious flavors. Therefore, together with drinks you can buy jerky, different sorts of cheese, bread, nuts and chocolate. We have elite cigars from the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Germany.


VINO & VINO stores unite our attitude to customers. If you visited us, then you understand that we value and know each client. We remember your tastes, we find something new and interesting for you, we congratulate you on important dates. Our team is our family. Every employee of the company knows everything about premium alcohol.

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