Fair OldCity-Agro

The OldCity shopping center team announces weekend agricultural fairs and invites everyone to take part in it!

Our fair is a unique opportunity for:

- Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

- Agricultural organizations and peasant farms

- Citizens growing fruits and vegetables on their plots

From August 24 to October 27, 2024, an agricultural weekend fair will be held in the internal parking lot of the OldCity shopping center for the sale of fruits and vegetables from farms and private farmsteads from all regions of the Republic of Belarus, meat, dairy products, lake and river fish, pond fish and their processed products , honey and beekeeping products, seedlings, planting materials and other craft and handicraft goods.

First of all, we give priority to fresh and natural products, organically healthy vegetables and fruits. We will provide comfortable working conditions and high visitor traffic thanks to our advertising support.

Trading places at the fair are also provided to individuals (citizens) running private farms or engaged in gardening, horticulture, beekeeping, if they have a certificate from the local executive and administrative body confirming that the products sold were produced by them on their personal plot of land, as well as to individuals not carrying out entrepreneurial activities for the sale of goods of their own production, if trade in such goods is not limited or prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.



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